Watch 5 Minutes Of Lockout, Guy Pearce Fights Anti-Gravity And A Ticking Clock

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

In the new movie Lockout Guy Pearce will play a badass tasked with infiltrating an orbiting space prison to rescue the daughter of a political figure from the clutches of rioting prisoners. It should be kind of like Escape from New York in space, but I’m not sure how much of that you’ll really see here.

We have five full minutes from Lockout for you. See Pearce battling his way through obstacles to reach Shannon from Lost right here…

I feel like I’ve just watched five minutes of cliches. Oddly placed spinning fan systems as an obstacle, and even the element of anti-gravity isn’t new. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol did the same thing last summer. The same is true of the old poke something in someone’s eye to make the audience cringe bit.

You’ve just spent five minutes watching two of the oldest tricks in the movie playbook. Are you still excited about Lockout?