Warwick Davis Unleashes The Multiverse, A YouTube Short Film Channel For Geeks

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

While original programming on the Internet has yet to fully prove itself as a viable alternative to the old faithful television, there are a decent number of umbrella sites pumping out quality programming. More often than not, comedy is the central genre. While it won’t be ignoring comedy, a new YouTube “super-channel” has been launched, aiming at the inner and outer geek in all of us.

Welcome to The Multiverse. What is the Multiverse? We are the Multiverse, according to channel chairman Warwick Davis, whose company iDiot Films will be producing a wide variety of content for the YouTube channel itself, in addition to the dozen-plus videos that are already posted and gaining popularity. Hear Davis’ light-hearted description here.

The shorts that the Multiverse will produce include light and dark sci-fi and fantasy films, comedy spoofs, and serialized web series in a similar vein. But absolutely no superheroes. Oh wait, KnightHood and Decoy already appear on there. Foiled again. Curses!

Davis is no stranger to any of those genres, and then some. A veteran of the Star Wars, Harry Potter and Leprechaun franchises, he’s also taken kindly to the giggling mania of Ricky Gervais, appearing in his Extras show as well as creating Life’s Too Short with Gervais and Stephen Merchant. I’m not sure I’ve said Warwick Davis is the perfect person for anything, but it seems like this crosshatching of entertainment is right in his wheelhouse.

Though I haven’t gotten to watch all of the videos yet, I’m more than intrigued by the few that I have. It looks to be a great breeding ground for filmmakers who aren’t able to break through to major studios just yet. And plus, it’s British, so you know they’re actually putting some thought into what they’re doing. For a fine slice of example, check out this chilling time travel short,Six-Minute Jump, written and directed by Liam O’Connor and Leo Payne.

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