Warner Bros Picks Up Reddit Post Rome Sweet Rome For A Movie

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Not long ago a user on Reddit asked a hypothetical to the community: could a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion destroy the entire Roman Empire? One user responded with an ongoing short story about a Marine unit doing just that. Written by James Erwin, the history bending sci-fi tale, exists only as a part of the Reddit forums. But now it’s being brought to life by Warner Bros, who have purchased the movie rights.

Erwin, who is a Jeopardy winner, has garnered a large following in the Reddit community. The post got its own subReddit where users have posted fan art and fake movie trailers. What Erwin has written is a less a story than it is a detailed outline of an idea. But it’s a fascinating glimpse into the idea of a superior technology wielding force versus a primitive one. Unlike the situation that arises in alien invasion stories, we actually already know the capabilities of each army.

Who knows how incredible the movie will end up being, or if it’ll get made. This is a cool moment in the world of creative art. Youtube has already established itself as a star maker, both online and to a ridiculously scary extent in mainstream media with Justin Bieber. We’re just seeing the start of this movement, and you can be sure the growth will be wildly exponential.

If Rome Sweet Rome is successful, you’re going to see the usual sharks circling the money as studios try to cash in on the phenomenon. Even if this never pans out though expect to start hearing more and more about collective novels by forum users, or tv programs by a group of a high school kids that gets millions of a views. A lot of this already happens, but it’s now threatening to break into the mainstream consciousness.

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