Warm Bodies’ Rob Corddry Shares Zombie Acting Tips

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

If there is ever a biopic about my life, and if quality thespian were stepping into the role of Nick Venable, intent on approaching it as a method actor, there are five things to abide by: beer, writing, bacon, comedy, porn. Add whatever verb you want to any one of those things, and it’ll probably fit. Also, podcasts gets you extra-credit.

Rob Corddry is a bit of a method actor himself, giving an interview with Hal Rudnick of ScreenJunkies where he divulges many of his acting secrets and influences. If you’re familiar with Corddry’s work at all, you already knew to leave all seriousness at the door. Breaking into comedy from bit pieces on Upright Citizens Brigade, to the sub-limelight of being a Daily Show correspondent, Corddry has made a career out of being the egotistical co-worker or friend in guest-starring roles on almost every comedy worth a damn in the last 10 years, as well as starring roles in the amazing Childrens Hospital and the underrated Hot Tub Time Machine. And that was all in anticipation for his greatest role of all: the mostly silent zombie M, in Jonathan Levine’s undead love story, Warm Bodies. Get out your copy of It’s Always Daniel Day Lewis Day and watch the video below.

Johnny Depp, eat your brain out. There isn’t anything not to like about that, as far as I’m concerned. It was great to see the rest of the cast on board for the fun as well. I’m fascinated that eating actual human brains put him more in the state of mind for the role. So maybe if I eat brains, then it’ll put me on par with Corddry’s acting skills. On second thought, I’ll just wait until the movie comes out in February and see if the film’s laughs measure up. And the brain eating will just be for leisure.

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