Get Inside R With New Warm Bodies Infographic

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Jonathan Levine’s Warm Bodies, the zom-rom-com of your dreams and nightmares, will finally be hitting theaters next Friday, February 1st. It was adapted from the popular Isaac Marion novel, skews towards a younger audience, and has zombies in it. This seems like the perfect trifecta for taking over the box office, and one might think the promotional team could rest on their laurels and watch the sweet, sweet teenage girl money roll in, smelling of fruity lip balm.

But the ad campaign for Warm Bodies has been fun and quirky, which seems kind of hard for a movie whose lead character speaks in voiceover. And the infographic below is a fun little interactive advert that takes you into the mind and body of R (Nicholas Hoult), the undead Romeo looking for his blonde Juliet, er Julie, played by Teresa Palmer. Each of R’s body parts gets a brief description and a clip telling why there’s still some humanity inside.

Granted, these are all bits previously seen in other trailers and TV spots, but it’s still inventive enough. Maybe find someone who’s never heard of the film and show it to them. Show it to your dog or cat, both of whom would probably fall into Hoult’s blue eyes as easily as the horde of female readers waiting with baited breath until its release.

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