New Warm Bodies Clips And Posters Reveals Zombie Propaganda

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

During the doldrums of the winter, there’s not a whole lot to get excited about. But this February, the movie Warm Bodies is poised to keep you and your significant other warm at the movies. Summit Entertainment has released two new clips, featuring John Malcovich and Analeigh Tipton, along with new posters for the teen zombie/romantic comedy.

John Malcovich plays General Grigio, the military father of Julie (Teresa Palmer). He will do whatever it takes to keep humanity and his daughter safe from flesh-eating zombies. The clip below illustrates General Grigio’s priorities as Julie tells him that her new zombie friend, R (Nicholas Hoult), is different.

It’s pretty clear General Grigio is going to be a great source of matter-of-fact comedy in Warm Bodies. Conversely, Analeigh Tipton’s Nora, Julie’s best friend, should be a source of wide-eyed, childlike humor. Here’s a clip showing Nora inquisitive nature around R.

Summit Entertainment has also released a handful of new Mondo-esque posters featuring hilarious in-universe propaganda and zombie love. It’s pretty clear why Summit Entertainment wanted to release Warm Bodies during the Valentine’s Day season rather than Halloween. Check out the new posters below.

Between Warm Bodies and the return of The Walking Dead, February looks to be quite the month when it comes to zombies. Warm Bodies opens in theaters everywhere on February 1st.