What If Wall-E Was Designed To Kick Ass?

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Wall-E, the titular star of Pixar’s 2008 animated hit, is a cute and cuddly little guy. Or at least as cute and cuddly as robot can be. Spooning with all that metal, all those sharp corners, can be a bit uncomfortable. His partner in crime, EVE, is also on the adorable side. These aren’t badass Terminator, Cylon type of robots, they’re a kinder, gentler automatons. (EVE can handle her business, but still…)

But what if they came, say, a bit more battle ready? That’s the basic premise behind a couple of new pictures from artist Rafael Benedicto. These images conceive of Wall-E and EVE as total badass killing machines. Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself below.

They make quite the duo, don’t they? The first pic looks like the poster for a big time summer action movie. The hero, his arm around the heroine, both poised, ready to jump headfirst into some fast-paced adventure. Wall-E’s journey is pretty epic, but there’s not a lot of ass-kicking going on. Could have been a completely different movie.

The next picture is just Wall-E, again, in typical action-hero pose. Apparently there’s a bit of Stallone or Schwarzenegger programmed somewhere deep inside our little buddy. The massive cannon mounted on his shoulder doesn’t hurt matters either.

Maybe Pixar should churn out a more adult-themed sequel. Wall-E could storm around the galaxy, blasting things to pieces. In the end he could save the day, get the girl, and make the universe safe for everyone, until the next installment of course. Just an idea.

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