First Look At The Walking Dead’s Newest Badass, Michonne

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

After The Walking Dead’s somewhat meandering second season, fans who hung on until the end had high hopes that there would be something to hook them into the next season; something to get them as excited for the show as they were during season one. For most of us, we got it. Our first glance at who the Walking Dead pros immediately recognized as Michonne, and our setting for season 3, a big ass prison.

It was easy enough before now to find out what Michonne will look like, a simple Google search of Treme’s Danai Gurira would have solved that mystery. But now EW has the first look at our katana wielding, zombie towing heroine Michonne in all her swordy glory. Scope it out below.

AMC’s zombie series will be back in its usual Fall Sunday slot, and according to the comic’s writer and show’s executive producer Robert Kirkman it will be bigger and better than ever thanks to the tremendous size of the awesome prison set.

It looks absolutely amazing. They are shooting the hell out of this prison. It just looks absolutely stunning, and I think when people start seeing trailers and stuff for this season, I think people are just gonna be like, “Wait, what? This is what? I can’t believe this is a TV show!” It’s really creepy, really moody and it’s just gonna be really awesome.

Since this is his baby in more ways than one, Kirkman’s outlook may be a little biased since his continuing paycheck depends on the viewership, but a new setting that is inherently 50 billion times more interesting than a rickety old farm will be a welcome change for all of the fans. Here’s hoping that Laurie learns how to keep track of her kid and that Andrea finally kicks the bucket, because she sucks super super hard.