Walking Dead’s Creator Explains Differences Between Graphic Novel And TV Series

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

When The Walking Dead started in 2010, fans of the comic book were not very happy when the TV series started to move away from the original source material. For the hardcore fans, the series was not faithful to the graphic novel therefore it was the worst thing ever made. One of the bonus features on the upcoming Blu-ray/DVD set of The Walking Dead season two will feature creator Robert Kirkman addressing his fan’s concerns for the direction of the series. Check out the 10-minute bonus feature:

He points out that the spirit of The Walking Dead graphic novel is alive and well (no pun intended) on the TV series. The essence of The Walking Dead is that anything can happen at any time to any character. The TV series would be predictable to anyone who has read the graphic novel so it was important to the writers and showrunners of the series to change things around.

It looks like the Blu-ray/DVD of The Walking Dead season two will be a good set to pick up before season three starts. Over the past few weeks, bonus features of the set have been popping up on the Internet. There were a few deleted scenes from the beginning of the season that show a possible new direction the series could’ve gone in and new making-of featurettes including how the glorious season finale was made.

The Walking Dead season two Blu-ray/DVD will be released on August 28th and the season premiere of season three will air on October 14th on AMC.

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