The Walking Dead’s Cast Teases Season Five

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Last night the fourth-season finale of The Walking Dead moved most of the series’ characters into Terminus. Rick, Carl, and Michonne reunited with Daryl as Rick laid waste to the bad men of Daryl’s new group. The episode took a closer look at Rick as a character and how much he’s changed from the beginning of season four to the end. But once everyone got to Terminus, the peaceful place for sanctuary wasn’t exactly as advertised. While it’s unclear what the people at Terminus are up to, according to Rick Grimes, “They’re screwin’ with the wrong people.” (It probably would’ve been more effective if Rick said, “They’re fuckin’ with the wrong people,” but it’s basic cable.)

AMC has released a featurette that centers on the overall journey the characters on The Walking Dead went on throughout the most recent season. After losing the security and peacefulness of the prison walls, they had to re-adapt to the brutal outside world. When you consider that almost everyone on The Walking Dead has taken a darker turn, it’ll be hard to see any bright spots when the zombie series returns for season five. Although Rick started out the season looking to be a better father and a farmer, it looks like he has given all that up for survival and keeping his people safe.

The video also teases what’s to come with season five. There are still some plot threads that are up in the air, such as Beth and Tyreese & Carol’s whereabouts. It seems that the group might get out of this jam, if Tyreese and Carol save the day, but it’s unlikely considering they’re also taking care of baby Judith. And how would they know that Terminus is a bad place? The season four finale, “A,” really felt like a penultimate episode rather than a finale. I’m not sure there’s going to be enough to satisfy fans of The Walking Dead until October.

The next video AMC features a closer look at “A.” When Rick, Carl, and Michonne make camp for the night, it’s hard to believe that another group got the jump on two very skilled killers and survivalists like Rick and Michonne. But for the sake of the episode, the moment when Daryl’s new group caught up with Rick was one of the most intense moments of the entire episode. It was a classic standoff between two men that ended with a lot of blood and bullets. It’s also surprising that no zombies interrupted the epic showdown.

The last video features how The Walking Dead‘s production team transformed a steel mill into Terminus, and the gun battle that drove the group deeper into Terminus.

AMC also released a video for last night’s most “talked about scene,” which, of course, was the episode’s thrilling gun battle. It’s going to be interesting to see what season five has in store for The Walking Dead. We all just want to know what will happen next. Who will survive?

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