The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey Says His Governor Is More Complex Than The Comic Book Version

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

When actor David Morrissey was cast to play the demonic Governor in season three of The Walking Dead, there was a lot of fan criticism of the choice. Namely, Morrissey looks nothing like the Governor from the comics. Would this be another case of the TV series diverging from the original source material? In Morrissey’s own words, “Yes.”

In an interview with, the British actor divulged the direction of the Governor in The Walking Dead TV series. “We probably meet the Governor earlier in his journey,” says Morrissey “I think he has more complexity than in the comic book.” In the TV series, the Governor is described as a “political animal with a messiah complex,” and we are going to see him at the beginning of his lunacy instead of at the end of his transformation.

It sounds like Morrisey will be playing the character more cold and calculating, like Ben Linus on Lost, unlike the fully formed mad man in Robert Kirkman’s comic series. As Morrissey explains, “The things that make him the way he is happen to him on screen. We see them happening.”

This feels like a good process and transition. Maybe at the start of the season, the Governor and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) start off as good friends, but then as the series progresses, their friendship quickly becomes contentious. If this is the case, the journey sounds more interesting than how it actually plays out in the graphic novel.

The Walking Dead season three will premiere on October 14th on AMC.

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