Four New Walking Dead Webisodes To Tide You Over

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

In less than two weeks AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead shuffles back onto our TV screens. To pump you up and build up your undead appetite, the network has released four new webisodes to tide you over until you can rejoin Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company.

The Walking Dead: Cold Storage, as these are known, consists of four short episodes—“Hide and Seek,” “Keys to the Kingdom,” “The Chosen Ones,” and “Parting Shots.” Instead of jumping around in time like the last attempt at webisodes, they form a single, linear narrative. We get so caught up in the lives and drama of the primary characters in the show, we often forget that there is an entire world of other stories lurking out there.

Broken down into five-minute chunks (the last installment is nine minutes), these shorts were directed by Greg Nicotero. He’s worn many hats on The Walking Dead, including directing and producing, though he is most widely known as the special effects guru who transforms people into zombies.

The action follows Chase (Josh Stewart, The Dark Knight Rises) in the early days of the outbreak. Attempting to outrun the dead, he seeks refuge in a self-storage facility. Safe from the walkers, Chase is not alone. BJ (Daniel Roebuck, Lost), the former facility manager, is also holed up there. Finally given the keys to the kingdom, as he says, BJ gets his kicks watching security footage of people unsuccessfully running from the zombies, only to be swarmed and devoured. Chris Nelson (Kill Bill) and Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) also pop up in the cast.

Like many zombie stories, Cold Storage shows how some people adapt better to the chaos than others. Some take to it naturally, while others struggle to survive and to make themselves useful. These short bursts drive home the point that will be front and center in season three of The Walking Dead: zombies may be a deadly menace, but people are the ones to really be afraid of.

Give these videos a shot. They connect tangentially to the main show, and share a similar aesthetic. Good production values, a nice amount of gore, secrets all over the place, and a few unexpected twists and turns should keep you occupied until The Walking Dead returns on Sunday, October 14th.

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