New Walking Dead Webisodes Shows The Origin Of Bicycle Girl

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Can’t wait to start your weekly drip of zombie horror? Well we’ve got just the fix you need to hold you over until the October 16th premiere of AMC’s awesome zombie show The Walking Dead.

The folks over at io9 have gotten their hands on a six episode web series totalling up to about the length of a sitcom for you to take in chronicling the story of how the iconic “bicycle girl” came to be. Bicycle girl was the first zombie we got to see both in promos for the show and in the show’s pilot last year, seen crawling around in the grass cut off at the waist, with her spine just dangling behind her. It’s one of the most meorable images from the show, and now you can learn her story.

Directed by legendary make up artist Greg Nicotero, this prelude to The Walking Dead is just enough to whet your appetite for next week’s premiere. They obviously had a bit more of a constrained budget to shoot these, but that didn’t stop Nicotero and his team from making skillfully designed zombies come to life. You may even recognize Rex Linn as the man in the basement from the fourth installment, my favorite of the batch.

The timeline gets a little wibbly wobbly and some of the acting is a little meh, but all in all this is a perfect, bite sized look back into the world Robert Kirkman created in his graphic novels.


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