The Walking Dead: Watch The First Clip From Slabtown

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Four Walls and a Roof,” was absolutely brutal. Like game changing brutal. I won’t say anything more, but you can read all about it HERE if you’re so inclined. Thus far, the episodes in the young season 5 have been among the best in the series, and the writers and producers are striking a nice balance between grim and bleak and a more hopeful outlook, which is impressive given how dark the material has become. AMC released a preview of next week’s episode, “Slabtown,” as well as a handful of glimpses inside “Four Walls.”

One of the biggest threads left dangling at the end of season 4 was the disappearance of Beth (Emily Kinney). We saw that black car with the cross in the back window speed away, presumably with her inside, but aside from that, we knew little of her fate. Season 5 hasn’t really helped that much. Over the first three episodes we’ve gradually built towards that a bit, especially in last week’s “Strangers,” and we know Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) saw the mystery mobile and took off after it.

If you watched “Four Walls” last night, it’s easy to assume that the action of “Slabtown,” or at least part of it, takes place while Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the others handle the Hunters. Daryl and Carol had their own little side adventure, and it looks like we may get to see some of that.

This clip shows Beth, in a scene very similar to Rick waking up in the very first episode, in a hospital, in what looks like it could be the familiar ruins of Atlanta or some other major city. Because this is The Walking Dead, you can rest assured that whatever is going on isn’t good, and that “Doctor” and “Police Officer” may not have Beth’s best interests at heart.

This first behind the scenes look is a general overview of last night’s episode. Key members of the cast and crew, like Sonequa Martin-Green, whose Sasha plays a big part in “Four Walls,” show up to discuss everything from the plot mechanics to their characters reactions to the horrific events at Father Gabriel’s church. Standard stuff, and full of spoilers, but if you’re looking to gather up any more information you can about what went down, this is worth a quick look.

“Four Walls” builds towards maybe the most vicious, brutal scene in the entire Walking Dead canon so far, and this video shows you just how it came together, from directing to staging and more.

And after watching that, if you’re curious about the end result, and don’t mind having the episode spoiled for you, you can watch the finished product below. Or, if you already tuned in last night, you can bathe in the nastiness one more time if you’re so inclined. Not saying they didn’t have it coming, but damn, Rick, damn.

“Slabtown” airs next week in The Walking Dead’s usual time slot, Sunday, November 2, at 9:00pm on AMC.

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