Five New Walking Dead Videos, This Is Getting Ridiculous

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

You can tell that AMC’s The Walking Dead is almost here because every time you blink another new piece of promotion pops up. But those of us in the US aren’t the only ones waiting for the hit zombie drama to return on Sunday, October 13, not by a long shot. That point has never been more apparent than with these five, count them, five new international videos hyping up the premiere episode of season four, “30 Days Without an Accident.”

First up we have a creepy bandaged hand that presumably belongs to some hungry member of the undead swarm. The way these first four videos are filmed stand out from most of what we’ve seen during the build up towards this season of The Walking Dead. Stylistically they’re almost reminiscent of some of FX’s American Horror Story ads.

There are going to be some key additions to The Walking Dead in season four; new characters, new threats, and from the look of things, some new romances (Daryl and Carol, we’re looking at you). But perhaps the most important of all of these, the most game changing new element is, you guessed it, Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) horse. Okay, maybe not, but we certainly have seen the valiant steed, named Flame, quite a bit over the past few months. Here we get to view, not quite from his perspective, but damn close.

When it comes to zombies, the image of rotting fingers poking through the fence is a tried and true standby of the genre, and one that The Walking Dead makes frequent use of. This video tweaks the formula just the teensiest bit, finishing up the visit with a quick appearance from Michonne’s trademark katana. Despite the fact that she’s been entirely wasted thus far in her time on the show, every time that sword comes out, it brings a smile to my face.

The picture of this severed zombie arm, lifelessly clinging to a strand of barbed wire, is weirdly pretty, like a particularly gruesome still life composition. The number of people that would actually hang a painting like this on their wall would probably surprise me, wouldn’t it?

This last video, a bit of promo from Taiwan, is full of footage you’ve already seen, but you have to love this version regardless. The blind enthusiasm of the announcer alone is enough to make this worth a watch, but in addition to that, you get a kick ass rock and roll son dubbed over the top. Of all my criticisms of The Walking Dead, the thing it is missing the most is definitely some dude constantly wailing on guitar as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company go about their business.