New Walking Dead Video Game’s First Trailer Shows Daryl and Merle Dixon Kicking Ass

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

“What’s it look like I’m doing? I’m saving the damned day.”

Those words, out of a pixelated Daryl Dixon’s mouth, go a long way towards selling the legitimacy of Walking Dead: Survival Instinct as being an enjoyable experience. It has nothing to do with Telltale’s stellar story-based Walking Dead, but Terminal Reality is substituting the point-and-click system with the more immersive first-person shooter angle, making the zombie carnage all the more personal and familiar to gamers.

Well Survival Instinct just got it’s first full-length trailer has appeared, and it looks like this game might deliver on the action that this third season, which finally starts up again on February 10, has rapidly amped up and sustained. I have no idea what kind of story beyond “brothers killing zombies while cracking wise” there can be, but from the looks of the trailer below, it could possibly coast by without anything too complex going on.

It’s unclear as to whether the game will be just a straightforward melee through different locations, or whether any stealth tactics will be used. Daryl seems to be able to keep a solid handle on all his crossbow arrows, so maybe ammo isn’t a worry here. And Merle probably uses whatever he wants. It’ll be good to see him with a hand again.

The game follows the characters Merle and Daryl Dixon, playing respectively by Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus, who also play themselves in the game. It seems like an obvious choice, but video games have often missed the boat on licensed property in the past. The game’s events take place just early on after the zombie invasion started, but before the TV show is set. Hopefully the drama of not understanding the zombie outbreak going on around them ties into things and brings it on a deeper level, since both actors are generally used just for their cool power, albeit successfully.

The game comes out March 22 for all the sonsoles, and along with the trailer came the news that both GameStop and Amazon are offering pre-order bonuses of a wave-based challenge mode or additional weapons, respectively.