The Walking Dead: Two New TV Spots And Producers Talk The Governor’s Return

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Season four of AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead kicks off in a little more than a week, and the folks behind the show are doing their best to make sure that you won’t be able to forget that fact, even if you want to. Damn near every time you turn around you bump into some new promotion, a quick little tease, some fresh photos, or a bit of casting news. Today is no different. We have two more quick spots for you to sink your teeth into—both of which play up the pray/prey discrepancy. And if you’re one of the many who have noted that last year’s primary villain, the Governor (David Morrissey), has been noticeably absent from the build-up to season four, producer Gale Anne Hurd addresses your concerns.

This first commercial focuses on what the survivors have lost, and continue to loves. And not only do they have to deal with the swarms of undead at their gates, but this video reminds you that members of their crew are being killed by other people now, as well. That certainly is a bummer. Just when you think things can’t suck anymore than they already do, now the guy standing next to you may be trying to take you out.

The second short video is similar to the first in tone and content. You get it, all of those things that they tried to lock out of their prison-bound world, have somehow found their way through the gates. Hershel (Scott Wilson) can’t help but speculate that perhaps they would be safer if taking their act back on the road once again.

Both of these clips feature blips of new footage from the upcoming season, but there’s nothing to get super pumped about. There are no shocking reveals, and though it may be something new, there’s nothing you haven’t already seen over the preceding weeks and months.

Even though the Governor hasn’t figured into any of the hype, there was never any doubt that he’d be back. For one, right after season three concluded, it was announced that the character was getting bumped up to series regular. Following that reveal, we learned that he’s going to get multiple standalone episodes this time around, so no matter what, he was going to be around.

Hurd explains, “We did that for reason being we don’t want people to focus too much on, ‘Oh, you know, Season 4 is going to be exactly like Season 3.’ Then all the questions are, ‘Is he going to be in the first episode? How much of a focus is going to be on the Governor?’”

My hope for this character is that, when they do bring him back, they take pains to make him more vicious, like the Governor fans of Robert Kirkman’s comics know. Watching the TV incarnation last season he never felt like anything but a watered down imitation of the brutal, evil despot from the source material.