The Walking Dead TV Spot Has The Group Fighting To Survive Another New Day

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Now that Breaking Bad has bid AMC audiences a fond farewell, The Walking Dead is planning its return in a few weeks to fill the void. Although The Walking Dead can’t replace Vince Gilligan’s brilliant crime drama in terms of quality and character moments, the zombie-survival series has something Walter White and Jesse Pinkman can’t produce in a meth lab: hordes and hordes of flesh-eating zombies! Celebrate the return of your favorite zombie TV show with a new 30-second TV spot!

The Walking Dead is now in its fourth season. The story, characters, and conflicts are firmly established. We just have to jump in and enjoy watching Rick Grimes and his team survive in a new world infested with the undead. The TV spot highlights our group of characters trying to defend the prison from Walkers. Although it’s basically the same setup as season three, the series creators and writers have included more zombies and new characters.

It really seems like The Walking Dead writers are struggling to find something new for the characters to do. How many seasons can we really watch them fight zombies without any regard for forward momentum? Sure, there are new characters and more zombies, but the series’ end point doesn’t seem clear or well defined. If survival alone is the objective of The Walking Dead, then AMC is going to struggle to keep viewers happy, especially now since Breaking Bad is no longer part of its once-impressive roster.

Meanwhile, more warning signs that AMC and The Walking Dead are running out of ideas was the announcement of a new “companion” series currently in the works for 2015. The spinoff will take place in the same universe as The Walking Dead, but will not contain any characters from the original series.

The new additions to The Walking Dead could provide some much-needed depth for the TV show. Christian Serratos will join the cast at the mid-way point of season four, and will be featured in episodes after the mid-season finale. Serratos will play the character of Rosita Espinosa, a new character who will join Rick’s group while on the road. She will join Lawrence Gilliard Jr. as a new member of the cast. Gilliard will play the character of Bob Stookey, a former Army medic who has a haunted past. Stookey should also make his debut appearance in the season premiere, entitled “30 Days Without an Accident.”

AMC has also released the titles and plot synopses for the next three episodes of season four. From the plot descriptions, it seems the group will go on a supply run and fight zombies.

You can only do so much with The Walking Dead. Unless the characters and the drama move to a different location and setting, The Walking Dead is in serious danger of becoming a shell of its former glory.

The Walking Dead will return for season four on Sunday, October 13th on AMC.