This Walking Dead Trailer Shows The Characters Armed, Angry, And In Peril

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

The Walking Dead is in the middle of the annual break they take around the holidays, but we’re now less than a month away from the return of season 5. The last eight episodes promise to be all kinds of crazy and chaotic for your favorite group of zombie apocalypse survivors. And as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) says in this grim new trailer, just released by AMC, surviving is all that matters.

It’s actually surviving together that is what really matters, and though all the key players are present and accounted for, and alive, they’re none to pleased about their present predicament in this latest promo. Just a heads up, we’ll be discussing The Walking Dead season 5, so if you’re not caught up, seriously consider reading something else (check out the latest Zombies vs. Robots news, that’s a good time) because we’ll be getting spoilery from here on out.

It’s pretty apparent that this is a staged promo as opposed to actual, in-episode footage, considering this doesn’t look or feel anything like one of the week-to-week installments, but it does go a long way towards setting the mood. From the slow motion and foggy haze to the maudlin, bluesy tune, this is all tension and ominous atmosphere. The way the characters are filmed and framed, the angles of the camera, it creates the feeling that they’re being watched, maybe even hunted. We’ve seen Morgan (Lennie James) on their trail throughout the first eight episodes of season 5, and with those big Xs carved into trees it seems like there are others out there, too, so this is definitely a possibility.

After the latest in a long line of tragic deaths that sent us into the midseason break, the gang once again find themselves out on the road, nowhere to lay their heads, nowhere in particular to go (thanks, Eugene), and in a real bad headspace, what little hope they had slowly draining away. If the prevailing theory is correct, however, they’ll have a goal in sight before too long.

Interviews with the cast and crew, though they say the survivors are going to go through even more hell, all say that they’re running towards something instead of away. Between that and a number of potential clues, many think they’re headed to the Alexandria Safe Zone, or at least something similar. They’re looking for a place to settle, Noah (Tyler James Williams) has said that his hometown in Virginia is surrounded by sturdy walls, and we’ve seen photos of walls the production built around a suburban neighborhood, which all indicate this is possible. The narrative of the show also follows, albeit sometimes loosely, that of the comics, and next up for the crew in that regard is Alexandria. I don’t know of they’ll get they’re soon, as they still have some stuff to deal with, but I expect they will before the end of season 5.

I hope this winds up being true because it will give The Walking Dead something it has never truly had, stability. They’re constantly on the move, traveling from one temporary place to another, and Alexandria, which is still very much in play in the most recent comics, provides them the opportunity to stop running, stop just surviving, and to actually begin to build something greater. You can only have so many adventures on the road before you need more, and the show is getting to the point where it’s time to take that next step.

The Walking Dead season 5 returns on Sunday, February 8.

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