The Walking Dead Teasers Introduce New Characters

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was more on the slow side of the zombie apocalypse than anything else. While “Inmates” was consistent with character moments, it seemed like a “filler” episode. Although 99% of “Inmates” landed with a whimper, the last 1% teased new characters and what’s to come with the last six episodes of the season.

In the comic book series, Abraham Ford is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. Before the zombie outbreak, Abraham lived in Houston, Texas and was a sports coach. He had an ex-wife and an eight-year-old son, but lost his family. In the teaser above, we also meet Dr. Eugene Porter, a doctor who claimed to know what caused the zombie epidemic, and Rosita Espinosa, a woman with whom Abraham later develops a romantic relationship. The trio are on their way to Washington D.C. before meeting up with Rick and the group.

It’s unclear if Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita will have the same characteristics or storyline as the comics, but it’s good that The Walking Dead is introducing new blood. It seems that season four will end with the group coming back together and meeting up at the Alexandria Safe Zone outside of Washington D.C., or at least some sort of refugee camp in Georgia. Everything seems to be pointing in that direction, with Tyreese, Carol, and the kids following the railroad tracks; Beth and Daryl following tracks in the woods; Maggie, Sasha, and Bob trying to find Glenn. Meanwhile, Glenn and Tara are fighting for survival outside of the prison, and Rick, Carl, and Michonne finding each other again.

The sneak-peek videos for the episode “Claimed” feature Rick and Michonne trying to figure out what to do next. Should they keep the house, or move on to find the group? Michonne tells Rick to rest, as she and Carl go on a supply run. But while they look for food and water, Michonne stumbles upon a house and sees a blood-soaked painting.

The first behind-the-scenes video features Beth and Daryl, who were only featured at the very beginning of last night’s episode. It seemed that the cold open was structured like a Terrence Malick film, namely Badlands. Beth and Daryl are on the run in the wilderness and Beth’s voiceover provides insight to her inner thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t help but think about Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen living in the woods while on the run from the law in Malick’s 1973 film.

The next video features Glenn’s daring escape from the prison after the group has left and he’s the only one left behind. It’s terribly convenient that none of the zombies managed to take Glenn down, but at this point The Walking Dead isn’t willing to kill off anyone in the main cast until it’s their time. Glenn finds Tara behind a fence and, despite their differences and alignments, Glenn and Tara help each other out for the sake of survival.

The Walking Dead will air “Claimed” on Sunday, February 23 on AMC. The cable network also released last night’s most talked-about scene, which was Tyreese helping nameless characters fight zombies, before said nameless characters die and Carol is reunited with Tyreese and the girls, just before one of the nameless characters mentions a refugee camp can be found if they follow the railroad track. How convenient?