The Walking Dead Teasers Catch Up With Daryl, Glen, And The Rest

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

MichonneWhile the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead wasn’t the action-packed thrill ride we were all expecting, the episode managed to do something better, something fans and casual viewers of the AMC zombie series wanted from The Walking Dead for so long. The episode served up depth and rich character moments, and the episode’s writer, Robert Kirkman, also managed to reach these goals with two characters instead of one. Now AMC has released promos and a few sneak-peek videos for The Walking Dead‘s episode 410, “Inmates,” as well as a couple of making-of documentaries for its mid-season premiere, “After.”


In the promo below, we see how the rest of the group is coping after the prison assault. It looks like Tyreese and Sasha are together, while Daryl and Beth are on the road, looking to survive the aftermath. The two little girls who killed members of the Governor’s group are also on the run, while it seems that Glenn and Maggie are separated after a zombie attack.

The two sneak-peek videos for “Inmates” feature Daryl and Beth alone in the wilderness. Beth is trying to convince Daryl that they should look for the others, but Daryl seems unwilling to do anything but survive. Beth makes the decision to go out on her own, but it doesn’t seem likely that Daryl will let her do that. The next video shows Daryl and Beth tracking their friends, when Daryl discovers some blood that doesn’t belong to the walkers. It looks like “Inmates” will feature three storylines told in in tandem.

The episode “After” started with a bird’s eye view of the prison, just after the zombies took it over. We see Michonne returns to the prison to “recruit” two new zombies to protect her from the hordes. She’s back in survival mode, reverting to the way she was before she met Rick and the group. The episode also features Rick and Carl just trying to survive, with Rick in bad shape and the two of them butting heads while seeking shelter. “After” was a pretty dynamic episode that featured a father and son coming to terms with their changing relationship. Carl is getting at the point in his adolescence where he feels that he can survive without his father, but Rick is reluctant to see his son as an adult. It was gripping to see Carl fending for himself, while also trying to come to terms with his father’s actions.

“After” also featured Michonne in the other storyline. One of the more compelling things about this episode was that it actually featured a flashback in the form of a dream sequence. We see Michonne’s life before the zombie apocalypse, a brief glimpse of her boyfriend, her son, and her best friend, all of whom died and turned into walkers. At the end of the episode, we see Michonne regaining her edge and finding Rick and Carl in the process. The episode actually featured Michonne crying, which is a huge step forward to understanding her character. Let’s hope The Walking Dead will follow suit and deepen all of its main characters, not just Carl and Michonne.

The Walking Dead will air “Inmates” on Sunday, February 16 on AMC.