The Walking Dead: Sneak Peeks And Videos For Next Week’s Episode, Dead Weight

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead took a break from Rick Grimes and his group at the prison. While the first few episodes dealt with a deadly plague that slowly took over the prison’s residents, the episode “Live Bait” caught the audience up on the whereabouts of the Governor after the massacre in season three. AMC has released new promos for the next episode, “Dead Weight,” and behind-the-scenes videos for last night’s episode.


At the end of Sunday night’s episode, we see the Governor run into someone from his old crew, Caesar Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), after he and Shumpert (Travis Love) abandoned him at the beginning of “Live Bait.” Throughout the whole episode the Governor was trying to find something to live for after he had destroyed everything he built (Woodbury).

He finds a family hunkered down in an apartment, which quickly becomes his new “family.” The sneak peek above features the Governor with his old crew, searching for more supplies in the hopes of building a new “Woodbury.” They come across a decapitated dead body with a sign on its chest that reads “liar.” Who was this mysterious liar?

AMC has also released some behind-the-scenes videos on the making of “Live Bait.” We get to see why the writers decided to structure season four with standalone Governor episodes. Remember, episode six and seven are ostensibly flashback episodes, so everything will be leading up to the moment where we saw the Governor lurking outside of the prison at the end of episode five, “Internment.”

In the climax of “Live Bait,” the Governor and the little girl Megan fell into a zombie pit, forcing him to kill the biters to save Megan. He actually rips out a zombie’s throat, which I don’t think we’ve ever seen on the show before. The Governor is determined to keep this little girl safe because she reminds him of his own daughter, who died during the early days of the zombie apocalypse. At this point, the Governor is the Superman of The Walking Dead. He is virtually invincible against hordes and can kill a large number of zombies with his bare hands.

I wasn’t a fan of “Live Bait’s” logic, but I applaud the writers for at least showing another side of the Governor. The family that he meets at the beginning of the episode was just as annoying as possible. It’s really naive to think that this family could have no clue about what’s going on outside of their apartment at least a year after the zombie apocalypse. These people don’t know what’s going on, they don’t know how to kill zombies, and they think help is still on the way. As soon as the character Tara said the words, “pound it,” I knew this was going to be a shaky episode.

AMC also released “Live Bait’s” most talked-about scene, which was the Governor displaying his superhuman strength and determination to protect Megan from zombie props.