The Walking Dead Sneak Peek Features Carl Going For A Walk

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

In about a week and a half, after Super Bowl XLVIII, The Walking Dead returns with its season four mid-season premiere. The next episode, “After,” features the group in shambles after the epic showdown between The Governor and the survivors. During the final battle the prison was lost, but its residents live on, only separated from each other. It’s only a matter of time before they come back together, but for the time being, the show will offer up a few episodes following Rick, Carl, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest all on their own to fend for themselves.

While The Walking Dead builds to its mid-season premiere, AMC released a new sneak peek through SpoilerTV, which features Carl coming across two zombies. While it’s unclear why he’s leading two zombies away from a house, it’s likely that he’s doing it to keep the area clear so he can watch over Rick as he recovers from his injuries. From what we’ve see, it looks like Carl will play a larger role in the back half of season four, he might also get his own stand-alone episode.

The cable network also released a new image of Michonne doing what she does best, killing zombies with a badass samurai sword. A few days ago, AMC released an image from The Walking Dead that features Michonne leading two armless and jawless zombies on a chain. It seems likely that these two images are connected. Regardless, the rest of season four will feature Michonne kicking ass with a samurai sword.

Meanwhile, Robert Kirkman teased the appearance of The Walking Dead’s next big bad guy, Negan, in a later episode. If you’re not familiar with the graphic novel, Negan is the leader of The Saviors. He’s the complete opposite of Rick, and is kind of like a post-apocalyptic mob boss. Negan wants to establish “The New World Order” across various other communities. Kirkman teased:

It’s a question of when not if. We actually talk about that a bit in the writer’s room as to when it would be appropriate to bring him in and what needs to happen in order to get to that point. Unless the show gets canceled abruptly very soon, you’ll see Negan on the TV show. Like Season 9.

Season nine? How will The Walking Dead fill time between now and season nine. I know he didn’t literally mean “season nine,” but hopefully the writers have a game plan for the future season. Of course, we’re still in the middle of season four and we have to see how things will shake out for the group, but how many more seasons can The Walking Dead go? The TV series is at the height of its popularity, so maybe the zombie series can go on for another five seasons.

Recently, AMC announced a Walking Dead marathon dubbed “The Zombie Bowl” that will air as counter-programming to Super Bowl XLVIII this Sunday. The marathon begins on Sunday, February 2 at 10 AM EST and will only feature season one and season two.

The Walking Dead returns for the rest of season four on February 9, 2014, on AMC.