Walking Dead Set Photos And Video Take You To Woodbury, Offer A Surprise

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Production for season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead is in full swing down in Georgia. Next season introduces David Morrissey as The Governor—the first picture of him appeared earlier this week—the brutal leader of a small enclave of survivors called Woodbury. A new video and a collection of photos take us behind the scenes on the set of the ramshackle, improvised town.

WARNING: The video is safe, but the pictures below that feature a surprising little tidbit. More on that after the break.

Hand-held shakiness asides, this video provides a decent look at the set of Woodbury. I like the armored buses that serve an improvised gate—very Road Warrior—and the towers of tires at loom like ramparts. The piles of garbage and the sign thanking the residents of Senoia, Georgia, for not mowing their lawns gives the whole scene that world-gone-to-hell look that is so vital to the series.

There are a few key cast members featured, but they’re mostly off in the distance somewhere. You do get a nice look at some gun-toting citizens of Woodbury, who look suitably grim and armed.

Here come the SPOILERS.

In the photos, however, is where the real interesting bit is. If they are to be believed, and I don’t see why not, it looks like season three features a blast from the past in the form of Merle, played by Michael Rooker. Last we heard of Merle he hacksawed off his own hand on an Atlanta rooftop and vanished into the ether.

Walking Dead

There was speculation that Merle would resurface, reinvented as the Governor. While that obviously isn’t happening, Merle is back. This revelation poses a lot of questions. What will Merle’s reappearance mean for Daryl (Norman Reedus)? Will his loyalties lie with his brother or with the group? Depending on his reaction, that could play hell with people’s emotions and mental stability.

Here comes another potential SPOILER if you haven’t read the comics. In the Woodbury arc, Rick (played by Andrew Lincoln in the show) loses a hand to the Governor. Will Merle’s presence play a part in this event in the show? No doubt he’s pissed at Rick for handcuffing him to that roof, and he’s likely out for a little payback. Taking Rick’s hand might even the score his mind.

I’m not sure how I feel about this turn of events. I know some people wanted the Merle question answered, and with the hand thing this move has a certain symmetry to it. But at the same time, if Merle is involved it could take something away from the character of the Governor. I don’t want it to be Merle pushing him, I want him to be as twisted, mean, and evil as he is in the comics.

Whatever happens, whichever direction they go, things just got a little more complicated on The Walking Dead. Big things loom on the horizon.

The rest of the pictures are the usual behind the scenes fare. There’s another peek at the walls of Woodbury…

…a post-zombie-apocalypse truck…

…and a couple different looks at the set.

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