The Walking Dead Gets A Third Season

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Despite a kind of lackluster second episode in which nothing happened (summary: they walked to a farm house) ratings for the second season of The Walking Dead have been good. Really good. So they’re getting a third season.

AMC announced that they’ve renewed the show for another year earlier today. The second season premiere shattered cable records with its debut and things stayed steady for the second episode, only slipping a little to earn 7.3 million total viewers. It seems clear that the audience is sticking around for their zombie show, and a third season is much deserved.

Now how about bringing back Frank Darabont and giving the show a decent budget AMC? Just a thought.


  1. Loren Y says:

    YAAAAAAAAY! I love this show! 😀

  2. Vernonslifer says:

    With the chemical warfare and technical. We have these days it makes you really think. Can this really be possible in the future? Just a thought.