The Walking Dead Season Three Zombie Kill Count Supercut

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With The Walking Dead on hiatus for the winter, let’s take a look back at the zombie kills from season three. This has been the bloodiest and most exciting season of The Walking Dead and it begs the question: do we watch The Walking Dead because it’s a good TV series or because of its gory, violent zombie kills? Honestly, it’s a little bit of both. Watch a supercut of all the zombie kills of season three (so far)…

The zombie kill count for season three is a firm 158, and this number should double by season’s end. The supercut is very effective and visceral. The lack of scoring behind the gruesome imagery really punches up the kill scenes and gives audiences a slightly more impactful thrill. It’s amazing to watch how Rick’s group has turned into an efficient zombie-killing machine when compared to from when they started from in season one.

We’ve seen multiple supercuts and infographics on the zombie kill count throughout The Walking Dead, but let’s see something showing how many human characters have died in the TV series. Would the impact of human casualties be diminished if played in a condensed, tightly edited version? We cheer when we see zombie kills because zombies are sub-human. Conversely we grieve when we see human character deaths because we’ve gotten to know the characters personally. The Walking Dead taps into that animalistic side of our human nature but compels us with its moving narrative.

When this season closes and season four starts, we’ll see the series shift into more dramatic tension between its human characters. The reality of zombies will then just be a way of life rather than a dooming death sentence. The characters will cope with their reality and turn their attentions to not just surviving but the dominance over their fellow man. The audience will soon realize “the walking dead” are not just the zombies but the characters in the TV series as well.

The Walking Dead returns to finish its season three on Sunday Februray 10th 2013 on AMC.

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