The Walking Dead Season Premiere Sneak Peek

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The Walking Dead returns for season four this Sunday. While its season premiere is only a few days away, AMC has released the first minute and a half of the new episode, titled “30 Days Without An Accident.” The clip features Rick Grimes taking up his duties as the group’s fearless leader.

Rick looks very calm and collected as he wakes up in the early morning to tend a garden in the prison yard. While everyone is still asleep, Rick listens to music and tills a vegetable garden. The zombies in the background don’t seem to bother him, but he then finds a mysterious gun buried deep within the soil. Whose gun is that and why did they bury it in the garden?

Season four will pick up with the core group having added more members to look after. The key to surviving the zombie apocalypse is to help take care of others rather than fight and kill people. The latter hasn’t been working for Rick’s group, so hopefully this new approach will bear more fruit (or vegetables, as it were).

AMC also released a new featurette highlighting where season four picks up after the gruesome events of the season three finale. The Governor is still on the loose, but Rick took in the weak, young, and elderly of Woodbury. Everyone has to adjust to a new living situation, but it seems the group has gotten better at dealing with zombies, as the episode’s title suggests. The featurette also takes a closer look at the mindset of the entire main cast, including Carol, Carl, Rick, and Michonne. Carl is the biggest question mark of season four. When last we saw the young boy, he murdered someone in cold blood. If Rick isn’t careful, Carl could turn into a real psychopath like Merle or Shane.

The cable network also released a shorter video featuring Norman Reedus explaining how to be badass. Of course, his character Daryl Dixon is probably more badass than the actor who plays him, but Reedus explains that being badass should be natural, rather than trying to look cool while killing zombies. Let’s be honest, Daryl is the coolest character on The Walking Dead. He’s one of the few characters who can pull off riding a motorcycle and wearing a poncho at the same time.

The Walking Dead‘s fourth season will see yet another showrunner take the reigns of the zombie series. Scott Gimple has to fill the void after Glen Mazzarra left the show due to differences with the network. Gimple shouldn’t feel too comfortable with the job; he is the third showrunner in four seasons. Gimple should do a fine job; he just has to make sure the series doesn’t fully go down the drain. As long as Robert Kirkman is still working with the series, The Walking Dead should be okay going forward.

The Walking Dead will return for season four on Sunday, October 13 on AMC.