The Walking Dead Season Three Deleted Scene Reveals A Badass Carol

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

With only two months until season four of AMC’s The Walking Dead kicks off, the zombie drama is working its way back into the pop culture consciousness. A few weeks ago, AMC released an epic and bloody four-minute trailer for the upcoming season, which promises to be as thrilling as the last. While the show’s third season had its share of ups and downs, it’s Blu-ray/DVD will surely have plenty of bonus content to smooth out the rough spots. In the deleted scene from season three above, we get to see a side of Carol Peletier (Melissa Suzanne McBride) that I wish we got to see in the actual broadcast season.

Where was this Carol in season three? Let’s put this deleted scene in perspective. This is happening at the tail end of season three. Merle and Daryl are re-united as the Governor has banished Merle from Woodbury. Now at the prison, Rick’s group isn’t sure how to take to Merle now that he’s back with the group. As for Carol, she was left for dead in the middle of season three after zombies threatened to take over the prison. We don’t know how she survived, but once she came back to the group, she seemed hardened as she pursued a leadership role in the group.

Just think about when we first met Carol at the beginning of the series. Her husband was abusive and zombies ate her daughter. Now, as the season four trailer suggests, she’s teaching children how to use knives during a zombie attack. Carol is badass! She is quickly becoming one of the more likable characters on The Walking Dead.

In the background of the deleted scene, you can see Daryl lurking around. It seems as if Merle didn’t act up when Carol told him she’d slit his throat because of how Daryl feels about Carol. I’m not really into the “will they or won’t they” side of The Walking Dead, but hopefully Daryl and Carol can get together for at least one scene of sweaty passion. This has been building up since the beginning of season one and it would be nice to have these characters finally get together.

As for season four, the four-minute trailer AMC released for the new season is absolutely brilliant! It’s good to see that Rick’s group is getting really efficient with handling and killing zombies. Although the group moves from location to location, it seems like the prison setting from season three will boil over in mayhem soon enough. The zombies are starting to overwhelm the group’s defenses and prison walls, and it seems someone from the outside is letting in groups of zombies.

The Governor still remains a big threat, and he will apparently be getting two standalone episodes to catch up audiences on his whereabouts. There also seems to be a greater emphasis on hope in this season, which has been absent during the last few seasons.

The Walking Dead season three will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on August 27, and season four will return with 16 new episodes for season four this October on AMC.

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