This Walking Dead Season Three Deleted Scene Features A Very Distant Rick Grimes

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

While season four of The Walking Dead doesn’t start for another two months, you can relive the magic with The Walking Dead season three available now on Blu-ray/DVD. There were some highs and lows with the third season of The Walking Dead, mainly high at the beginning and low at the end, but all in all it was the best season of the zombie TV series yet. To get your fix on the third season, watch the above deleted scene (via Entertainment Tonight) featuring Rick as he tries to cope with the very recent death of his wife Lori.

If you’ve read Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel then Lori’s end didn’t surprise you, but when you compare it to the book, Lori’s death on the TV series was far more emotional as her son Carl had to pull the trigger to stop her from turning into a zombie. Unlike the book, in the show Rick focused on killing hoards of zombies instead of trying to kill the Governor, the person responsible for her death in the graphic novel. But still, The Walking Dead is one of the few TV series that will actually surprise its viewers by killing off major characters.

In the clip above, Rick doesn’t seem very connected to his newborn baby girl Judith. It’s interesting to think about what will happen to the baby in season four. In the comic, Judith died along with Lori, so she isn’t part of Rick and Carl’s life after she was born. Will Judith be killed off in season four, or will Beth continue to take care of her? Otherwise, Judith seems very problematic on a storytelling level.

One of the elements teased in season four will be the relationship between Rick and his son Carl. Rick seems to be dialing it back with the leadership role so he can be more attentive to Carl, who is slowly becoming a psychopath. The above deleted scene also shows how Rick needs to be a better father before he’s a better leader.

As for season four of The Walking Dead, AMC released a very brief clip of Michonne getting into some trouble with a few zombies. If we know anything about her character, we know Michonne will get out of this situation in a badass way. Perhaps this is a tease of what will happen to Michonne later in season four?

Last month at San Diego Comic-Con, AMC released an extended four-minute trailer of the upcoming season of The Walking Dead. The trailer was pretty engrossing with thrilling action and heavy moments with the characters. It featured our favorite group of zombie survivalist becoming more efficient at killing zombies and getting out of tough situations. It also features Carol teaching a group of children how to handle a knife, if they ever get into a confrontation with a zombie.

The appearance of the Governor was one noticeable absence from the trailer. We know that David Morrissey, the actor who plays the Governor, is a series regular, so it’s unclear why AMC decided not to feature him in the extended trailer. Regardless, season four of The Walking Dead looks good!

The Walking Dead will return with 16 new episodes on Sunday, October 13th on AMC.