The Walking Dead Season Two Is A Barn-Burning Good Time

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With the start of season three of The Walking Dead only a few months away, let’s not forget about the fallen soldiers of season two. AMC and Anchor Bay Entertainment are planning to fully load the zombie series’ Blu-ray/DVD release with an assortment of bonus features including deleted scenes, making-of featurettes, webisodes, and audio commentaries. One of the extras features the final scenes of the season finale and how Hershel’s farm (along with numerous zombies) burned to the ground. Check out the featurette:

“Fire on the Set” features The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman expressing his apprehension with burning down the barn at the season’s end. But the episode’s director, Ernest Dickerson, and producer Gale Anne Hurd eventually reassured him that the barn burning would be a cathartic experience. The barn-burning scene was a glorious way to end an intense season.

It’s impressive to see the stunt work that went into the season finale. The stunt actors not only had to look and act like zombies but they had to get set on fire too. The final product looks seamless as the audience pays a final goodbye to Hershel’s farm.

Recently released deleted scenes reveal an alternate direction that season two of The Walking Dead could’ve taken. The deleted scenes depict Rick’s group of zombie survivalists discovering there might be another group going around killing innocent people at hidden safe havens. This would’ve added another layer to season two if Rick’s group had to contend with unknown threat.

The Walking Dead returns to TV with new episodes on October 14th, but the season two Blu-ray/DVD hits stores on August 28th.

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