The Walking Dead Season 5 Images Show The Characters In Action

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

The Walking DeadSeason 5 of The Walking Dead doesn’t come shambling back to our TVs until the middle of October, but given the constant stream of promotion we’ve seen lately, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s right around the corner. A few days ago, we got our first look at a bunch of the various covers Entertainment Weekly put together in honor of AMC’s hit zombie drama, and now they’re back with a look at some of the photos from inside the actual magazine.

These images are similar to the ones on the covers, showing various characters in a weird blur of action that you can’t help but think of as somewhat Matrix-y. There’s been a great deal of talk lately regarding the sexuality of one Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), but none of that really matters. Gay, straight, something else entirely, he remains the best character on the show, and this photo captures his penchant for stabbing walkers in the cranium with arrows. Any old fool can shoot a zombie from a distance, but it takes a badass to get close enough to jab one with a pointy stick.

The Walking DeadRick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is going full berserker here, swinging his axe around like madman. Perhaps more than anything, we’re interested to watch him in the upcoming episodes. Especially over the course of the second half of season 4, he started becoming the character that he is in Robert Kirkman’s comics that serve as the source material for the series. Instead of being wishy-washy and avoiding making any real decisions (often with disastrous consequences), he has become a more active, decisive character. His transformation has never as evident as in the final moment of the season where, imprisoned by strangers along with all of his friends, basically a messed up situation all around, he says their captors are, “Screwing with the wrong people.” That right there is the Rick Grimes fans of the comic have been waiting for, and we’re excited to see more of our old friend moving forward.

The Walking DeadMichonne (Danai Gurira) doesn’t get any fancy visual tricks, but she doesn’t need them. All she needs is her trademark katana and a badass scowl, and she’s good. The Walking Dead developed her character more over the course of the final eight episode of season 4 than they did the entire season before. She’s been a functional mute for most of the time we’ve known her, like just glaring and not saying a word somehow gives her personality, but she’s well on her way to becoming an actual well rounded character, with feelings, emotions, and her own story. There’s the old still waters run deep adage, but you still have to show something, anything to illustrate that.

The Walking DeadOne of the biggest criticisms of The Walking Dead has always been that it is overly desolate and mired in depression and everything being the worst. There’s been some improvement, at least indications that there is a spark of hope out there in the wilderness, but as serious as the show is, at least it looks like the cast and crew are able to have a good time on set. As this photo illustrates, there are definitely some wacky times to be had.

Season 5 of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday, October 12.

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