The Walking Dead Gets 16 Episodes For Its Third Season

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Walking Dead is the highest rated show on AMC and one of the highest rated shows on cable right now so, of course, they want more of it. The network was quick to announce that they’ve renewed their zombie apocalypse show for a third season back in October, but now they’ve made an even bigger commitment.

Previous seasons of The Walking Dead, including the second season which resumes airing on February 12th, have only been 13 episodes in length. The big change here is that the third season will get bumped up to 16 episodes though, yet another reflection of AMC’s confidence in this series.

What remains to seen is whether they’ll actually give the show the kind of budget it deserves. Despite being the network’s biggest success, AMC actually slashed The Walking Dead’s budget in season 2, resulting in part, in the departure of series showrunner Frank Darabont. If they’re giving them sixteen episodes for the next season, will they actually give them the money they need to do more content and do it right? AMC’s track record suggests we shouldn’t count on it.