The Walking Dead Is Back For Season 2 And Better Than Ever

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The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead returned to television for a second season last night and, truth be told, there was every reason to suspect that the show might lose most of the magic it had in its first season.

While it was away the production has been plagued by sounds of gloom and doom. Series exec producer, who had a lot to do with how great the show’s series debut was, left The Walking Dead amidst reports of slashed budgets and lack of creative control. As it turns out, none of that matters… at least not yet.

Neither the mid-production departure of Darabont nor the budget cuts were evident in the second season’s first episode. AMC’s decision to spend less money on the show may start to hurt them in later episodes, but for now, The Walking Dead is as good or better than it’s ever been.

It helps that zombies are pretty cheap to make and, easy to get tension from. Tonight’s episode revolved around a harrowing stop on a zombie-infested highway, a lost little girl, and the members of our hero group coming to grips with all the stuff that happened in the season 1 finale. No one’s getting along and it probably won’t be long until the group fractures and falls apart.

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