The Walking Dead Reveals Its Awesome Toy Line For 2014

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

walking dead rick grimes statueMan, did you guys see last week’s episode of The Walking Dead? When Rick went absolutely nuts and decapitated everyone before forming an acoustic rock band with stacks of heads as his backing musicians? Okay, so maybe I’m lying about that, but I’m definitely not kidding about all the awesome Walking Dead toys that were revealed at this past weekend’s Toy Fair in New York City. If you’re into playing with things, looking at things, or watching DVDs, this collection from McFarlane Toys and others is sure to knock your gore-covered socks off.

Above you’ll see the limited-edition statue of Rick Grimes (the comic version) putting three walkers out of their misery, or at least out of Rick’s misery. This is the unpainted and unfinished version, but it still looks extremely badass as is. The base will rotate in a full circle when it’s completed, and they’ll be producing less than 1,000 of these bad boys for a release at some point near the end of this year.

For those who prefer Norman Reedus’ Daryl “I look cooler than you doing everything” Dixon, you’re not alone. The limited-edition 10-inch figure that McFarlane put out last year sold out almost immediately, so they’ll be reissuing it this summer. But what’s even better is that they’ve also created a statue of Daryl on his motorcycle, due out in March, and it looks fantastic. If you turn around in a circle a few times and squint, it actually looks real. Check out those two below, followed by the Nerf Zombie Strike crossbow, one of several zombie-killing weapons they’ll be releasing in the spring. It shoots up to 75 feet, which means you’ll have to walk a bit whenever you miss your target.

walking dead daryl motorcycle

walking dead daryl statue

nerf walking dead

For those more interested in action figures, the fifth series of those will be coming out in March, including figures for Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, a charred walker, and Merle as a walker. Note that Tyreese will be holding Carl’s gun, as McFarlane was not allowed to release the Carl figure last year with a gun. I expect it’s because most kids would just buy it and try and shoot Carl for being such a mopey asshole.


McFarlane also designed a detail-heavy case for the upcoming special edition version of the Season 4 Blu-rays/DVDs, which will be out sometime in the fall. It’s aesthetically more interesting than the Governor’s aquarium that was used for the third season’s set, but good luck trying to fit this thing on a shelf. If nothing else, you can use it as a bookend to complement this penny bank modeled after one of Michonne’s modified walker pets.

walking dead bank

Thanks to Blastr and FEARnet for the photos and descriptions. Which one of these are you guys most excited about?