The Walking Dead: Five Things The Show Needs To Do When It Returns

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

the-walking-dead-after-mid-season-premiere-michonne-two-walkersKeep up the pace

The biggest thing we want to see out of the remaining eight episodes of this season of The Walking Dead is for the show to maintain a consistent forward momentum. So far this season has been better about this than its predecessors, but there have been hiccups. When you hit a wall like with the flu storyline, you put everything on the back burner, and the momentum flags. The biggest killer, however, were the two standalone episodes featuring the return of the Governor. You get what they were going for, trying to set up the tension in the character and within the larger storyline. The first episode was okay, humanizing him and showing that maybe he could change, but by the end, it bogged down and was maddening to watch.

I’m not even against one character getting their own episodes. All indications is that we’re going to get at least one Carl-centric outing before the season wraps up. At least if they revolve around the core group, they serve the larger overall narrative, but the Governor showed up at a moment where you were keen to see what happens next, and for two weeks all we got was half-assed storylines and characters that you know up front weren’t going to lead to much of anything.

There are way more things that need to happen moving forward on The Walking Dead. We get it, the undead are dangerous, but at this point you’ve seen all they have to offer. Keep them at the periphery and focus on more interesting topics. Right now, the show has as much potential and as much going for it as it ever has. More than anything, we just want to see the show continue to improve, and cash in on some of the energy they’ve built.

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