Walking Dead Returns Soon, Here’s The Mid-Season Poster

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The Walking Dead’s mid-season hiatus is almost over. The show returns to AMC on February 12th, and there’s plenty reason to expect good things. It helps that the whole Sofia time-wasting plot is finally over. Things came to a head during the mid-season finale back in 2011 and the fallout, when the show comes back to explore it, should be pretty big.

To celebrate the return of The Walking Dead AMC has released a mid-season show poster. It’s not exactly groundbreaking. Actually it looks like every other poster you’ve ever seen for the show, but it’s The Walking Dead so be excited anyway. Take a look…

I really wish AMC would find a way to make these more specific. Include some element from the last couple of episodes we saw before the break, or tease something new we’re supposed to see. Rick pointing a gun is always cool, but kind of generic.