The Walking Dead Promos Give Us A Look At The Grove

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago

Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was a bit of a shift from your typical episode of the AMC series. While “Still” and “Alone” were character-driven episodes, last night’s episode lacked story progression and momentum. One of the biggest criticisms of The Walking Dead is that the TV show lacks character, but when episodes are more character-driven, they’re usually the more boring and dull episodes of the season. It’s a bad case of “You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.” It seems that the writers and producers of the cable zombie series can’t strike a balance between the two approaches.

Episode 14, “The Grove,” looks like it will be another standalone episode featuring Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika, and baby Judith Grimes. Five episodes after The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere, it seems that all of its characters are on a journey to “Terminus,” the end of the line both literally and metaphorically. All the characters are on course to meet up again outside of Washington D.C., so it’ll be interesting to see when Tyreese will find out that Carol killed his beloved Karen at the beginning of the season. “The Grove” should prove to an episode where we see Lizzie and Mika coming into their own as survivalists.

AMC also released a few sneak peek videos teasing footage from “The Grove.” The first video features Tyreese and Lizzie playing “I Spy,” while Tyreese is feeding Judith. As Lizzie “spies” trees and weeds, Tyreese comes across a zombie wandering on the railroad tracks. The second clip is a bit more haunting and features Lizzie and Mika before the zombie apocalypse. The pair play together in their backyard, with no idea what the future holds for them, and for the entire world.

The cable network also released two new behind-the-scenes videos for the most recent episode, “Alone.” It features Bob, exploring what his life was like before he met up with the group. While the writers and producers say that The Walking Dead doesn’t feature flashbacks, they should really re-consider that for season five. Flashbacks actually add more depth and nuance to the story and characters.

The episode also featured Beth and Daryl getting closer as they try to survive. It was a shame that they were separated by the time the episode ended. It could have have been a nice storyline to explore instead of so much bleakness and despair. Their friendship has been building over the last few episodes, so it was good to see them happy, if only for a very short moment.

The Walking Dead will air “The Grove” on Sunday, March 16, on AMC. The cable network also released a clip of last night’s “most talked about scene,” which was the zombie invasion. It really seems out of character for Daryl not to look outside before opening the door to the zombies, but I guess that’s what love and friendship will do to you in this new world.

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