The Walking Dead Pays Tribute To [SPOILER] In This Video

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Here’s the thing. We don’t ever want to spoil things for anyone here at GFR, even though it can’t be helped sometimes. AMC doesn’t have much of a problem with it though, as they’ve gone and spoiled a major plot point right there in the title of the video we’re going to show you. It does say “(SPOILERS)” in the beginning, but the eyes tend to continue working after seeing that, especially when the picture for the video gives it all away. As such, we’re going to put this cover of the latest issue of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead in between any unwitting eyes and the video. Your weaselly smiles are thanks enough.

walking dead cover

While AMC is currently busy with recent legal issues, The Walking Dead‘s central cast of good guys are living pretty easy now that the Governor is dead. (Double dead, really.) It’s possible you didn’t have any “Governor’s Funeral”-themed parties in the past couple of weeks, so the network is helping everyone out by putting forth a tribute video for one of the more heinous villains on TV.

If you watched that and thought to yourself, “Well, if he’s dead, why is he still talking about himself, and where is his eyepatch?” then that means you don’t understand how television works. But if you’re wondering why they’re paying tribute to the guy that chopped Herschel’s head off, then you’re thinking more clearly. This is the guy who made Rick’s face look like the inside of a raw sausage, and the guy who made Maggie think she was going to get raped. Instead of a tribute, they should have just given us a five-minute version of him bleeding to death, or they should have hired a stealthy hitman to go and kill David Morrissey with a katana.

Perhaps I don’t understand how Internet marketing works.

It’s an okay video, with Morrissey and this season’s showrunner, Scott Gimple, talking about the impact of the character’s presence throughout the series, and what it means to now have him gone. No one brings up how boring the show got during the few episodes when he was gone earlier this season, when everyone was messing around with an outbreak. Even though I found the character to be a pale representation of the Governor the comic fans love to abhor, Morrissey’s one-eyed presence added as much gravitas as this series could muster, and he’ll be a tough menace to replace.

We’ll see what happens to Rick & Co. when the show comes back in February, and Carl’s voice has dropped three registers. Here’s a peek at the new half-season below.