The Walking Dead Gets Its Own Parody

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

walking deadI think we’re at a point in cinema when the only thing worse than porn spoofs of films are the legitimate spoofs of films. Especially when it comes to horror parodies, which are seemingly the only ones still getting made. And now we’ve got what could potentially be the worst of the worst coming, as production company MNDFCK has recently cast Walking with the Dead, a send-up of — you guessed it — AMC’s The Walking Dead. I mean, it’ll probably still be better than The Walking Dead during its worst moments. Really, it sounds like it’ll be taking on all forms of zombie-related fiction, but I guess it’s smart to stick with what’s current as far as promoting this thing goes. Plus, adding hottie actress Jacqui Holland (My Best Friend’s Girl) can’t hurt.

Here’s how this zombified story will unfold: a group of survivors come together a month after the zombie apocalypse begins, and each is named after their favorite cities — Chicago, Green Bay, Brooklyn, and Harlem. (Obvious ties to Zombieland there.) One of them is a Sheriff who’s just awakened from a coma, his small-business owner 10-year-old son, and a zombie named Romeo who uses a lot of voiceover in his quest to get the others to realize he’s not really dead, just slow. The fearsome foursome are forced to vacate their mini-mall camp headquarters in order to seek out a more long-term safe zone. So it’s obvious Dawn of the Dead and Warm Bodies will also get skewered.

Walking with the Dead will be directed by first-time helmer Scott Dow from a screenplay by first-time writer Tim Ogletree, star of the awful parody Supernatural Activity. Ogletree will also star in this film alongside Holland, Dave Sheridan (Scary Movie), Joey Oglesby (Fruitvale Station), and Sophia Ali (Tyrant). Take a peek at the Supernatural Activity trailer below.

It should be obvious to everyone that Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead is and always will be the greatest zombie parody in the world, and part of that comes from utilizing a story that draws its jokes from common themes instead of just copying the shit out of the sub-genre it’s targeting. I can see it now: the Daryl Dixon character is going to shoot some really hilarious things out of a crossbow, like rubber chickens and shoes. It’s gonna be huh-larious.

Walking with the Dead is currently filming on location in San Antonio, Texas. Are you guys excited about more zombie-related comedy, or has that subject matter already shuffled off its mortal coil?

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