The Walking Dead Lets You Show Your Loyalty Via Credit Card

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

WalkingA while back we introduced you to a new Walking Dead slot machine and joked about how it is going to appear this fall and take all of your money. But don’t worry, because now you can get prepaid Walking Dead Visa card. And no, I’m not joking, not even a little.

Skybound, an imprint of Image Comics, the publisher of Robert Kirkman’s comic books that inspired AMC’s hit zombie drama, have teamed up with to release seven different cards featuring characters and images from the popular series.

Kirkman says, “Having The Walking Dead art on these credit cards will be an exciting way for fans to incorporate the series’ art into their daily lives.” He’s right, my daily life is woefully lacking in undead corpses. (That’s actually a lie, a tattoo of zombie swarming my hometown takes up most of my left arm, so my days are always full of walking corpses.)

One of the cards features that iconic moment of protagonist Rick Grimes, freshly out of a coma, riding into a decimated Atlanta, searching for his family. Number two shows a horde of the undead, zombies that look suspiciously like Rick, Andrea, and other favorite characters. A third should prove pretty popular, emblazoned as it is with sword-wielding badass Michonne. I really hope the TV show does something, anything with her character when it comes back this fall for season four, otherwise it is a complete waste. These are just three of the candidates, so check out the website to see what other images are available.

The art comes from Charlie Adlard, who handles the art for the comics. That’s why it may not look familiar to fans of the TV show who aren’t also versed in the source material.

The Walking Dead Credit Card

The Walking Dead Credit Card

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