The Walking Dead Nearly Killed Off Even More Of The Cast

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

If you saw the season finale of The Walking Dead this past weekend, or even any of the episodes right before it, you know the show ended in a total bloodbath. The walkers have been very well fed but, showrunner Robert Kirkman says they almost ended even more of the cast.

Read no further if you haven’t seen the season finale yet. You’ve been warned…

Kirkman tells EW that they’d originally planned to kill off Hershel, the elderly veterinarian and farm owner who joined the show in its second season. What’s strange is that he wasn’t going to be eaten by zombies in that final, massive walker assault on the farm. Instead they were going to let Randall, the briefly imprisoned interloper, kill him in that same episode where Rick and Shane have their final showdown.

Kirkman explains, “”So we were going to lose Hershel, Randall and Shane all in one episode, which I felt was really cool.”

I’m not sure it would have been cool. They’ve killed off so many characters this year, another might have been too much. It sounds like the show’s team agrees with that sentiment. Says Kirkman, “At the end of the day we had so much story to tell with Hershel, and he had such a central role in the ensemble, and Scott Wilson is such a phenomenal actor that we felt like it was overkill.”