The Walking Dead Wants You To Join Abraham’s Army

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

Abraham's ArmyThe Walking Dead wants you to grow a mustache.

By now you probably know about Movember. It’s an annual, month-long, mustache-growing extravaganza to raise awareness and funds for prostate cancer. Think of it like a really gradual walk-a-thon that requires very little physical activity. You can form teams, get people to sponsor you, and generally wind up looking a little more ‘70s than usually. This year, Skybound Entertainment has gotten into the spirit, and established Abraham’s Army, and they’re looking for some recruits. Do you have what it takes?

Abraham’s Army is, fans of Robert Kirkman’s comics well know, a reference to Sergeant Abraham Ford, who joins up with Rick Grimes and his group of zombie apocalypse survivors in issue #53. He’s a tough, grizzled former soldier who becomes Rick’s right hand man—a role that was filled by Tyreese, and is currently occupied by Daryl (Norman Reedus) on AMC’s his adaptation—and besides being an overall badass, he sports one sweet, sweet cookie duster. You probably figured out that connection all on your own.

This is doubly good timing. Not only do they get to raise money for a worthy cause, or just a random celebration of a funny book tough guy, but the newly minted season four of The Walking Dead is set to introduce the character to a an even wider audience. Abraham, along with his travelling partners Rosita Espinosa and Eugene Porter, are slated to join the party Sunday nights on AMC, and will be played by Southland alum Michael Cudlitz, a man who looks right sporting a lip caterpillar. Christian Serratos and Josh McDermitt will play the other two, respectively.

There’s no word specifically when the new faces will join the cast, we just know it will be later in the season, probably after the mid-season interlude that happens around the holidays. In the comics, Abe, Rosita, and Eugene meet up with the survivors after they’ve been forced out of their prison stronghold. If Showrunner Scott Gimple and company follow the course Kirkman laid out, that could be an indication of where the current season is heading. Though at the rate they’re killing off and/or banishing people so far, they’ll probably be needing some new blood sooner rather than later.

So far season four of The Walking Dead has been solid. They’ve thrown some curveballs, upped the stakes both personally and survival wise, and, most importantly, avoided needlessly drawing out every single plot point. As someone who has slogged through three seasons of endless bickering, that’s a welcome change.

If you’re interested in joining Abraham’s Army by channeling your inner Burt Reynolds, click HERE for the details. The top earners have the chance to a ton of cool prizes, including grab bags and even a signed copy of The Walking Dead #53. You can also purchase your very own Abraham’s Army t-shirt. Not only is this a stylish bit of attire, in both men’s and woman’s sizes, but a portion of each sale will also be donated to Skybound’s Movember efforts. You’ve never had a better reason to grow some facial hair.