The Walking Dead: New Images From The Mid-Season Finale, Too Far Gone

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

This Sunday is the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. AMC’s zombie TV series is known for having spectacular mid-season finales, while its returns from hiatus aren’t usually the best in quality. If season four follows the pattern, we’ve already seen the best from the zombie series. Nevertheless, its finale will feature round two between Rick Grimes and the Governor, as the pair of leaders fight over the protection and piece-of-mind provided by the prison walls. Now AMC has released new images from this Sunday’s episode, “Too Far Gone.”


The first image features familiar faces from the prison that we haven’t seen in a few episodes. Over the last two episodes of The Walking Dead, the series’ storyline focused on what the Governor had been up to since he massacred the people of Woodbury at the end of season three. It seemed like most of the season four’s momentum was lost when the show re-directed its focus to a character we haven’t seen in months. Hopefully, the mid-season finale should be a good one, considering that its focused on characters we know and love.


The second image features the aforementioned Governor. After what looked to be a foolhardy attempt to give the Governor some sort of redemption, it soon became clear the writers knew they had a better villain on their hands than a reluctant anti-hero. Remember when the writers of Lost tried to change Ben Linus into a sympathetic character? That didn’t work out so well, so it’s good to see that The Walking Dead isn’t trying to do the same thing.

It’s also good to see the Governor return as the villain of The Walking Dead. It was touch and go for a while there, as the writers tried to figure out what to do with his character. The Governor is good at manipulating people to do his bidding, so it’s going to be interesting to see who from Woodbury 2.0 will blindly follow him into combat. This Sunday’s battle between Rick and The Governor should be explosive!

Throughout season four, showrunner Scott Gimple and the writers have teased that the prison setting is very temporary. If events play out as I expect them to, Rick Grimes’ group will be on the road again, as the prison walls will be demolished from the attack. The series also has to introduce new characters, so the best way to do that is putting the group back on the road.

Part of the reason why The Walking Dead comic book is so good is because Robert Kirkman keeps the group moving from location to location. Of course, doing that in the TV series would be far too expensive for AMC. In exchange, The Walking Dead TV show keeps its characters in the same location for about an entire season before they start moving again. Thankfully, the latter half of season four will most likely not be at the prison.

The Walking Dead‘s mid-season finale, “Too Far Gone,” will air next Sunday, December 1, at 9/8c on AMC.