The Walking Dead Showcases A Walker Explosion In Murderous New Trailer

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

If there’s a bigger threat to this world than zombies, it almost necessarily has to be ZOMBIES ON FIRE! Thus begins the official trailer for The Walking Dead‘s upcoming Season 5, which promises to be the darkest and most action-packed season yet. And this trailer certainly has enough eye-popping moments to make me believe it.

According to the synopsis, Season 5 kicks off not long after Season 4 ends, with the survivors split into different groups and some of them sitting in the crosshairs of the mysterious Terminus group. Safe haven my ass. We know that the evil Gareth (Andrew J. West) is going to be turning his crew against Rick & Co., but it’s not clear how. But a huge explosion is in the cards, and I don’t recall any of our lowly heroes having access to explosives. (Unless we’re talking about Abraham’s personality.)

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is a gun-toting fool in this trailer, aiming at everything in sight with an array of weaponry. “It’s not over ’til they’re all dead,” he says. And his advice for everyone? “Cross any of these people, you kill ’em. Don’t hesitate. They won’t.” Gun blast! Rick has lost his way several times in the course of The Walking Dead, so it’s highly encouraging that he has a clear goal here: destroying Terminus and/or everything else. Secondary goal: growing the wildest hair on TV. He looks like he could be in the Nitty Gritty Bloody Dirt Band.

walking deadAnother main point in the trailer comes from Sasha (Sonequa Martin Green), who says that three of them are gone. Is she talking about characters that she and Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) haven’t yet reconnected with, or perhaps characters that have already met their maker? Showrunner Scott Gimple and comic creator Robert Kirkman have teased this as the most intense season yet, and this series has had few qualms with offing major characters on its quest to drop viewers’ jawbones. Plus, we don’t really know when in the season Sasha is saying this.

Chances are, though, I won’t get my long-present wishes of Carl (Chandler Riggs) being one of the characters who bites the dust. Even he’s holding a gun here, though I’m certain he’s going to fuck something up. Like my enjoyment of the show. Zing.

walking deadAnd I don’t know what’s a more disturbing image, the giant explosion sending bodies flying everywhere or a bunch of extremely decayed walkers all smashed up against a door. “Have you accepted Jesus, a comic character that hasn’t appeared in this series yet, to be your savior?”

walking deadFind out what happens when The Walking Dead returns for Season 5 starting Sunday, October 12.