The Walking Dead Made More Exciting By Animated Wish Fulfillment

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with AMC’s The Walking Dead over the past year or so, be wary of the following video, which is pretty spoilery in some ways.

If The Walking Dead is most successful at one thing, I’d be safe in guessing it’s “going about things in a way that makes nearly every viewer question why things weren’t done a different way.” For me, the questions are always, “Why didn’t that walker eat Carl’s face?” or “Why didn’t Rick shoot Carl in the face?” But the guys at College Humor have a different set of ideas about where certain scenes from the series should have gone, and they’ve made their own dreams come true with their spoof-tastic “Wish Fulfillment” animation.

It starts off with one of the more shocking scenes in the series thus far, from the current season’s mid-season finale, when the Governor separated Herschel’s grizzled head from the rest of his body. You know what would have made that scene better? If Herschel’s beard was its own entity, able to grow at his command and become both flexible and taut enough to hold a sword, while the other half forms a fist and literally shows how much of a heartless bastard the Governor could be. The villainous cyclops still died during the episode, but this would have been a more more cathartic death, at least for me.

Plus, these guys set themselves up for the awesomeness of the last scene, when Octo-Herschel saves Rick in a bedroom by taking out a squad of enemies with his beard. How does Glenn not have a face full of hair at this point?

Speaking of Glenn, he’s seen in this video performing the brave task of roasting a branch with nothing on it, while Maggie hints at Michonne’s recent personality upheaval. But instead of lost children and refugee camps, her new backstory involves being almost 300 years old. There’s gotta be a fan fiction site where this story comes to fruition, and I kind of want to know.

The other clips are all definitely in my list of ways this show could change for the better. Hire a Carl that’s already gone through puberty. Build Daryl a super Aliens-lite mecha to arrow-blast walkers with. Pass Judith off to someone whose function in the show is completely non-essential so we can find out about her a couple seasons from now without having to hear about her.

Unfortunately, my wishes almost never come true. Case in point: last night’s half-awesome finale, which set up yet another plotline of being trapped inside a place where dangerous people are. Somebody in this show should start a FroYo franchise.

In case you didn’t see it, here’s the “A” preview.