This Walking Dead Drinking Game Will Make You A Monday-Morning Zombie

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

It’s becoming readily apparent to me that I’ve written about drinking games quite a bit in recent days. This realization could probably be used as a starting place for some long overdue self-evaluation, but that sounds boring and serious. Instead, here’s yet another super-fun-sounding drinking game for you to consider spending your time on.

This one is possibly the most specific yet, as it applies to the newly minted third season of AMC’s zombie juggernaut, The Walking Dead. The rules are as follows, you drink every time:

Michonne does a sweet sword trick.

Someone is blatantly racist or sexist.

The Governor acts like a creep.

T-Dog has a line (or any screen time).

Glenn acts like a pansy.

Rick Mentions the group being broken.

Carl wanders off.

Lori acts bi-polar and contradicts himself.

A zombie gets killed with any weapon other than a gun.

Merle acts like a cocky douchebag.

Follow these rules at your own peril, because if the first episode was any indication, you’re in for a long run of Monday-morning hangovers. Hell, the rule about drinking whenever a zombie dies by something other than a gunshot alone is enough to get you pretty damn tipsy.

This is a dangerous proposition for fans of The Walking Dead who work a standard, Monday through Friday schedule. Rick Grimes and company battle the undead on Sunday nights, and if you get too deep into this game, the start of your workweek is going to wind up a bit rough. But you could always go ahead and preemptively request every Monday off, assuming you’ll be too hungover—or still drunk—to work. That’s probably the most responsible course of action.