The Walking Dead Deleted Scenes Reveal Rick Doesn’t Care About Making Noise

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

The Blu-ray of The Walking Dead season two will show more of the original season premiere, which was drastically cut down from a two-hour opener to a 90-minute episode by its October 16th airtime. The episode, “What Lies Ahead,” was originally directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton (Fringe, Battlestar Galactica) and written by Ardeth Bay (former executive producer and showrunner Frank Darabont’s pseudonym) and graphic novel creator Robert Kirkman, but reassembled by Ernest Dickerson for the 90-minute version.

The original episode took place immediately after the events of the season one finale at Atlanta’s Center for Disease Control and found survivalist Shane separated from the group. This deleted scene shows the reassembled group seeking shelter at the nursing home introduced in the season’s fourth episode, “Vatos.” Watch…

Season two was a very tumultuous time for AMC and The Walking Dead. Officially, Frank Darabont was asked to step down as showrunner because the season premiere wasn’t coming together as AMC saw fit, so the episode was ultimately scrapped. It is believed the real reason Darabont left the series was due to budget pressure from AMC and executive meddling. Executive producer Glen Mazzara was appointed the new showrunner and the absence of Darabont’s creative force was felt in the second half of season two, as the series kicked into high gear with an emotionally explosive season finale.

Season two of The Walking Dead will be released on blu-ray and DVD on August 28th, while season three will premiere on October 14th on AMC.

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