The Walking Dead: Carl Might Get His Own Stand-Alone Episode

By Rudie Obias | 7 years ago


While The Walking Dead is on mid-season hiatus, there is a lot of speculation on how showrunner Scott Gimple and executive producer Robert Kirkman will finish out season four. With only eight episodes left, and no clear direction for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his splintered group of survivors, the show is in a prime position to repeat a variety of past mistakes.

According to, The Walking Dead will feature some pretty bittersweet notes when it returns this February. The geek-centric outlet put together a list of possible spoilers that they feel will happen in the last eight episodes of season four. The website relies on their inside sources to predict where the rest of The Walking Dead will take, so this isn’t just rampant speculation.

Out of the eight episodes remaining in season four, there will be one episode that will feature nothing but Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs). As we know, Rick and Carl get separated from the rest of the group. They are now all alone in the wilderness and have to fend for themselves. Lincoln says, “Just wait, all I will say is just wait for what this kid [Chandler Riggs] is going to do this season. He I think has done one of the best episodes certainly this season, and he kind of carries it. It’s beautiful what he’s done.”

In season one, Carl was the annoying pipsqueak kid no one really liked. However, through the series, and after killing his own mother, the character has grown to be one of the more interesting people on The Walking Dead. All the actors in the cast praise the actor Riggs for portrayal of Carl, so it seems that fans of the series will love watching a whole stand-alone episode featuring the 14-year-old actor in action.

The article also predicts that a main character will be killed off by the end of the season. While it’s unclear who out of the primary cast will bite the big one, it’s no secret that The Walking Dead kills off main characters from time to time. In the mid-season finale, Hershel (Scott Wilson) died at the hand of The Governor (David Morrissey), while Andrea (Laurie Holden) was killed off in the season three finale. Considering how the season has been progressing, I will not be shocked if Maggie (Lauren Cohan) dies by the end of season four. There have been a number of clues throughout the season that point to Maggie and Glenn (Stepen Yeun) ending their relationship, so it seems almost fitting that one of them will die. I’m putting my money on Maggie.

Currently, AMC is marathoning every single episode of The Walking Dead. The cable network recently wrapped an epic Breaking Bad marathon.

The Walking Dead returns for the rest of season four on February 9, 2014.

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