The Walking Dead: Carl Preaches Movement In This Clip For Crossed

By Brent McKnight | 6 years ago

With only two more episodes left in 2014, AMC’s The Walking Dead is building towards something big. This became readily apparent at the end of last night’s episode, “Consumed.” (You can read our thoughts on maybe the best episode of the season HERE for more depth on that matter.) With the annual mid-season hiatus looming, the massively popular zombie series never likes to leave you with warm, cuddly feelings. And if you needed to be reminded of this fact, watching this new clip for next week’s installment, “Crossed,” gives you the definite impression that things are going to get grim.

We’re going to stray into SPOILER country for a while here, so you my want to sit this one out if you’re not caught up on The Walking Dead.

The plot description for “Crossed” is bare bones and simple: “Some members hold down the church while the others are on a rescue mission.” In the light of the events of episodes like “Consumed” and “Slabtown,” however, you start to fill in the gaps and picture exactly what this will entail.

Beth (Emily Kinney) is being held against her will at the hospital. Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride) spend most of last night’s episode tracking her, and the hour draws to a close with Carol getting run down by a car and taken in. This isn’t entirely bad as she’s in need of some serious medical attention after falling off of a bridge in a van. After that happens, Daryl, with his newfound sidekick Noah (Tyler James Williams), hightail it back to the church for reinforcements, setting up an inevitable clash between the two groups of survivors.

While this clip doesn’t directly address that situation, it does hint that big changes and violent conflict are coming. While we’ve seen the core group of survivors hunker down in Father Gabriel’s (Seth Gilliam) church, we know that they can’t remain there forever, and as Carl (Chandler Riggs) says here, they can’t stay in one place anymore. Movement gives them a chance, while settling down eventually only brings death, as it did at the prison and at Herschel’s farm.

How exactly this will play out remains to be seen, but you can rest assured that before the end of the year, they’ll be on the road again, heading somewhere. Season 5 has planted hints that they could be bound for the Alexandria Safe Zone, or some equivalent of that place from Robert Kirkman’s comics. We’ve seen pictures of a walled off section of town the production put together, and one of our early encounters with Noah he mentions that the spot he’s from in Virginia is protected by high walls. So this certainly appears to be where the narrative is heading. It also makes sense because this place plays a huge role in the continuing arc in the source material, and the series, at least in a larger sense, parallels that story.

If you’re looking for a little more depth with “Consumed,” AMC has released this new behind the scenes video. The episode largely belongs to Carol, tracing her transformative, costly arc from her humble, mousy beginnings to where she is now, grim, willing to do whatever it takes to survive, and maybe, but maybe not, totally dead inside.

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