The Walking Dead Brings Terminus To San Diego Comic-Con

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

The Walking DeadThat massive spectacle that San Diego Comic-Con has become kicks off in earnest today with tons of high-profile upcoming movies and television shows stopping by to show off their wares. Being based on an actual comic book, AMC’s hit zombie drama The Walking Dead has always had a strong presence, and this year isn’t going to be any different. The show took over a portion of “America’s Finest City” to give fans a slice the post-apocalyptic zombie excitement.

We aren’t lucky, or driven enough to be at Comic-Con this year (we’re afraid of large crowds), but our fabulous older sibling Cinema Blend is all over the place, and they were able so snap these photos of the badass Walking Dead display. Fans who watched season four of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and company trying to make their way through the zombie-filled world will recognize these big set pieces.

During the second half of the season four, the survivors were forced out of their prison stronghold only to find their group splintered, each small faction trying to stay alive. As they move forward in their respective journeys, the groups all see signs for a mysterious place called Terminus that promises sanctuary and safety from the world overrun by the living dead, and begin moving in that direction.

The Walking DeadAlong the way, a few of the smaller groups take a shortcut via a tunnel that cuts through a mountainside. We all knew this was a bad idea, so did they, you never want to put yourself in a confined space, easily cut off, especially when you can’t see what lies in front of you. But they do it anyway, and the results are chaotic to say the least. Whoever made this set up at Comic-Con did a nice job of capturing the menace of the tunnel. Just looking at it makes you realize what a horrible idea it is to venture any deeper.

The Walking DeadMuch of the final eight episodes of season four was spent with various characters leaving notes for one another, like Maggie (Lauren Cohan) telling Glenn (Steven Yeun) to go to Terminus. Messages like these provided little beacons of hope for our survivors, letting them know that their loved ones are still alive.

The Walking DeadAnd while Terminus is set up as a safe-haven, a refuge from the insanity and flesh eating of the outside world, but the reality the survivors find once they arrive is much more sinister than they hoped, which you can see from these photos. Like many things in this post-zombie existence, Terminus is not exactly what it appears on the surface. After the kerfuffle with the Governor and Woodbury, Rick and the others are understandably a bit more wary in their approach.

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead also has a Comic-Con panel scheduled in the massive Hall H, with a ton of stars, producers, and other important players slated to be in attendance. We anticipate that they unveil some new footage from the upcoming season five, but who knows what will go down. The show returns to your TV screens this October, and we hope they can maintain the momentum they established in the final eight episodes of the season.